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True U College Admissions

What you'll get:

  • We start by diving deep into an Interests & Strengths Assessment, helping you discover your passion and potential, because when your passion drives your application, it truly shines.
  • Our SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic & Testing Plan demystifies these intimidating exams. We'll provide insights into which test suits you best and develop a customized prep plan to maximize your score.
  • Our Self-Reflection Module deepens your journey of self-discovery continues. Understand yourself better and learn how to present your authentic self to your prospective colleges.
  • A Polished Resume can significantly enhance your application. Our platform guides you in crafting a compelling resume that showcases your achievements, talents, and experience.
  • Our College Preferences Tool helps you pinpoint what matters most to you, whether it’s a certain major, location, campus culture, and more. Knowing what you want from your college experience is crucial.
  • Our Extracurriculars & Summer Strategies module helps you plan meaningful activities that align with your interests and will stand out to admission officers because college admissions look beyond academics.
  • Building the College List can be overwhelming, so we simplify it. We help you create a balanced list that fits your aspirations and increases your chances of admission.
  • Our Module on Demonstrating Interest provides key strategies to show colleges that you’re a serious and enthusiastic candidate.
  • Our Choosing Your Major Module gives you insights into selecting a field that aligns with your skills, interests, and career goals.
  • In Getting Organized, we offer tools that ensure you meet all deadlines and keep track of your applications with ease. Staying organized in this process is key.
  • Writing the Main College Essay and Writing the Supplemental Essays, our extensive modules, arm you with strategies to tell your unique story, hooking admission officers from the first sentence.
  • Our Check-in Modules provide key touchpoints where we evaluate your progress and refine strategies as needed.
  • Steps for Creative Students & Athletes allows you to tailor your application to your talents.
  • Our Social Media Module will help you maintain a positive online footprint. With the digital age, colleges may look into applicants' online presence.
  • From securing strong Letters of Recommendation to managing the Common App Parts 1 & 2, to understanding Financial Aid Forms & Tracking Your Apps, we've got you covered.
  • College Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Our in-depth guide equips you with the skills to make a lasting impression.
  • Our specialized Strategies for Early Admission & Test Scores will ensure you're on the right track.
  • From Proofing Your Apps, Feedback, & Submitting, to Admission Decisions & Scholarship Offers, we help you celebrate and enroll in your best fit college. True U Admissions is with you from start to finish.

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What People Are Saying:

I also gained a lot of skills not only about college application but also other writing skills such as writing emails, how to do an interview, how to contact with school, doing my resume and all the skills i believe are going to be very beneficial in the long run.

Hanyun Z, Barnard College

I would say that college is definitely a big investment and you only go through it once so it's really important to find the right place and be able to leverage what you have as best as you can so I would say that in my experience I don't think I would have done nearly as well as I did with colleges without you guys so it's definitely worth the investment.

Max B, RIT

She was a tremendous help in writing the essays and specifically how to target what the colleges want to hear or to know from a student.

Isis-Luna D's Mom, New School for Social Research

This program really helped to select what colleges I wanted to go to, and just kind of helped make everything less stressful for me, kind of gave me what to do, and I did that. Then, they helped with writing the essay, reviewing the essay, going over the applications, reviewing everything making sure everything was good, and making sure I was on top of everything, and they definitely go for it.

Aarv P, JMU

It's a good way to get access to things like how you find the summer school for me and stuff. After I went through summer school I really made my decision on which major I was gonna choose. I would say it just makes the application so much more easier and I felt my application wouldn't be complete without them.

Edna C, U of Washington

I would recommend Anjali because she is so attuned to how young people today think and all the stressors that they have and all the things that they're bombarded with and all the things that they have to juggle both in the midst of their high school year but also in preparation to enter into college.

Ayden T, Baylor University of Scholars

He got accepted to over 10 universities and all of them with some sort of Merit Scholarship, so I mean how can you go wrong so give it a shot absolutely give it a shot it'll be worth your time and your effort.

Devin A's Mom, University of Texas

I never really thought that it would be a possibility to be able to do this but with Anjali's program, it gave me so much reassurance and gave me so much guidance along the way knowing that there are gonna be options for me and that I am going to be fine. It's a full support. It is full of information so I felt comfortable knowing that I had all the information I needed to make the decision.

Neha G, UCLA and UT Austin McCombs

I would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact, I'm gonna do it again for my son. I think it is a good enough return on investment that I would if I had five kids.

Georgia L's Dad, Cal Poly SLO

The top thing is being done ahead of time and getting her applications in. I think a lot of it helped with the essay on the scholarships that she got because some of the students were not offered some of the scholarships and she got offered right away.

Sarah P's Mom, Texas State University

There were two major timelines: the main timeline which is generally over everything; and then there's also the essay timeline. The main timeline really helped me focus on the beginning steps like researching colleges then choosing which colleges to apply to and then finally applying to those colleges. The essay timeline generally helped me focus on the dates that I needed to get the essays done.

Ari S, Cornell University

Our daughter's walking away with over half a million dollars in scholarships, so the return was more than what we financially put into it. We got that much back and so make that decision and take that leap and she's gonna help you accomplish your kid's dreams.

Kylee T's Parents, U of Alabama

You had a plan. You knew exactly what to do and when to do it and an entire timeline of the process right up until we applied and then even the acceptance and even post-acceptance. You made me take strength and analysis and personality tests just to make sure I was matched up with a suitable place.

Gaby R, Boston University

Having somebody to break things down into these digestible chunks really made things very easy. It never felt overwhelming. We were being led through the process so it was never overwhelming it was really streamlined and easy and pretty great.

Belicia B, USF