College Planning Packages For 8th - 10th Grade Students


Our mission is to guide students through the 3Ds of our proprietary Talent Development 3D™ Process from as early as middle school—Discovering, Developing, and Demonstrating student gifts not only to enhance college scholarships and admissions but also for personal fulfillment. The determining factors are genuine passion, mastery, originality, dedication, and impact, all of which we strive to support. We also make use of growth mindset and a focus on life purpose.

Step by step process to help students identify and fully develop their strengths, address any academic or extracurricular gaps, optimize their resume for college admissions and scholarships, learn to focus on genuine passion, mastery, originality, dedication, and impact in extracurriculars, and identify their perfect match college major and career.


  • Initial Interview, Interest/Strengths Assessment, and Talent Portfolio Review
  • The Talent Development 3D™ Protocol: Discovering, Developing, and Demonstrating talent through mentorship program recommendations, as well as summer, and extracurricular/internship planning.
  • Guidance in all Extracurricular, Competition, and Internship Applications: creating a winning application including all essays, resume, and interview prep
  • Transcript Review, Tutoring Recommendations, Course Selection for the Following School Year
  • Personalized High School Timeline
  • SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic and Testing Plan for SAT or ACT (generally in 10th grade)
  • Ongoing Parent Support
  • Use of Growth Mindset and Focus on Purpose throughout

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This package checks all the boxes and offers students the most complete pre-college service. Includes Talent Development Package 3D™. In addition, students receive:

  • 12 Week Mentorship to Design Impactful Personal Project Aligned with Purpose, Identity, and Interests

The 12 week mentorship experience is a win-win strategy for enhancing college admissions and scholarship results while discovering, developing, and demonstrating both talent and an authentic sense of purpose (see attached case studies and timeline). The mentors are entrepreneurs, all graduates of top tier universities, who use design thinking to help students create impactful projects. After the design phase in the 12 weeks included here, the mentoring should continue for about 15 months to create a scaled project with measurable impact (mentoring for this next phase is at an additional cost).

  • OR 6-12 Month Research Fellowship with Academic Paper

Alternatively, the Research Fellowship includes 24-30 individual sessions with a world class researcher at a top tier university, 6 sessions with a paper writing coach, 5 workshops on the research process, 4 sessions with a publication specialist, publishing and sharing the paper at a college level or prestigious competition/conference.

  • 5 Mindfulness Training Sessions for Reducing Anxiety and Enhancing Academic Performance
  • 2 Mastering Social Media Sessions: A Roadmap to Minimize Risks + Maximize Benefits

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  • Initial Interview, including Transcript and Activities Review
  • List of Best Fit Schools or 5 Hours Test Prep if List Already in Place
  • Application Guidance, Including all Essays, from Brainstorm to Final Draft
  • Use of Growth Mindset and Focus on Purpose throughout

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  • Initial Interview + Talent Portfolio Review
  • Personality/Skill Assessment
  • Results Meeting

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Students are guided and supported in planning for admission to the most selective programs in the US and abroad. From a long term, strategic timeline that includes unparalleled summer internships and design of non-profits or other student-led initiatives, all aspects of students profiles are optimized in the context of well-being and long term student success.​​


  • Best value
  • Locks in price and availability
  • We get to know your child in depth
  • You get a plan that optimizes college admissions, scholarship options, and student well-being

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